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Meet Simon (14) and Aidan (12), both with a passion for Coding, 3D printing etc - Digital Technology.


They have created this site and all materials themselves, more will be added during 2017. These will include Stop Animation and Robotics. (both now added)


Let them assist your kids, using a Challenge based learning approach, with 'YouTube' walkthroughs to support learning. 

Their aim is to provide Parents and Teachers with the tools to teach a full programme no matter what experience or skill set.

Video guides

Individuals always FREE

Schools until Easter 2018; then $1pp

We hope everyone enjoys

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Scratch Jr

Coding 5 to 7 Yrs
- iPad based
- Drag and Drop Icons
- Create Animations & Games


Coding & Engineering
5 to 13 Yrs
- Bar Code programming 
- Easy to programme
- Drag and Drop Icons
- LEGO compatible


Coding 8 to 13 Yrs
- Laptop, Mac or Chromebook
- Drag and Drop icons
- More complex coding than Jr
- Create Stories, Animations
   or even Games


Web Design


12+ Yrs
- Text Based programming 
- Next Step After Mastery of Scratch


Computer Aided Design 
8 to 13 Yrs
- Easy to use
- Introduction to CAD 
- Create objects tio be printed
- Learn about 3D printing
- Developed by world leader


Stop Motion


Stop Motion Animation 
5 to 13 Yrs
- Easy to use
- Good for teaching languages
- Create objects to be animated
- Planning and self management
- Team work.


The best learning is to solve the challenges, YOUR WAY!!


Designed, developed and edited by Aidan (12) and Simon (14 ),  this site teaches Technology in a YouTube format, the way kids love to learn.


In the design stages, we have used and sort guidance from our Dad a New Zealand STEM Teacher for children aged 5 to 15. He is not only a Teacher but also runs his own company RoboClub Ltd. All contents on this site are copyrighted to RoboClub Ltd for our protection. Please respect the time and effort in creating these resources and building this community of learning. We are proud of what we have created.


We apologise that once the free trial is complete we are asking for a small fee, it's not much, only $1 per child. But to build this resource we have already both spent many many hours developing the materials and putting this website together. There are more lessons in production for SCRATCH and SCRATCH Jr. Plus, we have one more programme planned for 2018.


To date, this journey has taken us  24 months and we are proud of the amazing resource we have built, for all to use.


The schools that have used the resource, some of whom have paid! Have reported great results from the classroom; children love to learn and learn our way.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See ''.

TinkerCad : © 2017 Autodesk, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Stop Motion Studio : Copyright © 2017 Cateater™,   LLC. All rights reserved.


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