TubeTorials is a part of RoboClub Ltd. 


RoboClub Ltd has been teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) to children aged 5 to 16 since 2012, in Auckland New Zealand. Started by my Dad after completing his teaching qualification. He decided that he was not ready for a full time teaching job and decided to teach his passion, Engineering. Which is what he has before we emigrated from England.


TubeTorials is a way Aidan and I can share the skills we have learnt over the last few years and help teachers and children discover 'STEM' in a fun enjoyable way:)  We have had help from our Dad with the teacher stuff, but all of the design, development and production has been undertaken by ourselves.


We both hope you enjoy learning with us and discover your own hidden talent:)


Hey, watching and learning from YouTube is a great learning environment.


The benefits of this website over our free YouTube channel is that the videos are free of all adverts and structured in an easy to follow format. Something not possible with YouTube.


We hope you enjoy our Tubetorials venture and support us as this format costs money.

STAFF    2016 to ...

Founder & CEO


Head of everything else


Simon is 13 yrs, but thinks outside the box and has pushed his teachers since 2 yrs. After having some amazing teachers and tutors help and support him. He now studies alongside 16,17 and 18 year old teenagers. His current passion is Tubetorials along with Coding, Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

A professional engineer that wandered into teaching. Dad teaches and runs his company all around  school drop offs, swimming lessons etc etc etc.....

Aidan is currently 11 years old. He is a great communicator and brings things to life! He loves having a go at most things, but then losses interest. Tubetorials is great learning for him.

Aidan is good at most things, but he is the last to sing his own praises.

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